The Chianti Road

The land of the Gallo Nero – the black rooster: ever present, with treasures that increase everyday.

The food and wine tours in the Chianti region of the Tuscan countryside are part of one of the most beautiful and famous landscapes in the world. Kilometre after kilometre, it offers visitors evidence of its Etruscan and Roman history and of the changing occured during the wars between Siena and Florence during the Middle Age, in order to conquer the region.
The passion and dedication of the people who have lived and worked here have made this territory full of rich and evocative panorama even today, with sprawling expanses of vineyards and olive groves, narrow streets and medieval villages that have been perfectly preserved.
The Chianti Road connects various municipalities, stretching from Florence to Siena, all of which are dotted with wineries and oil producers, tourist accommodation, restaurants and craftsmen that are all pursuing the same objective: that of developing the area as a whole while respecting its individual characteristics.


We suggest beginning your tour exploring the Chianti region in Greve, a town that is only 20km from Villa I Barronci Resort & Spa. It is famous for its unique piazza, which was the market for the surrounding villages, castles and farms built in the Middle Age. It also offers many opportunities to try numerous traditional products from the Chianti region. What’s more, the Wine Museum is also located here.


The next stop on the Chianti Road is Castellina. Its ancient origins are attested to by the Etruscan tombs in Montecalvario. The Archaeological Museum of the Chianti Senese covers the history of the area and preserves Etruscan artefacts found during excavations that began in 1989.


If you are a fan of fortresses and castles, Gaiole is the place for you! Found half way between the Chianti and Valdarno areas, you can visit Vetrine Castle, Meleto Castle and Parish Church of Spaltenna within its territory. Today these are also places which focus on wine, oil and traditional produce.


By continuing in the direction of Siena, you will get to Panzano. Here you can visit the Castle that was fundamental in defending the Florence territory from the 12th century onwards. Strolling through the ancient village, you can stop for a glass of wine in one of the many wine bars and try a classic Florentine steak at the famous Antica Macelleria Cecchini, with verses from the Divine Comedy lauded in the background.


This village may be the one that has best preserved its original medieval appearance. Still protected by walls, the centre of the town spreads out into concentric narrow streets, where the Palazzo del Podestà stands out with its 51 coats of arms on the façade, recalling the chief magistrates that followed on from one another over the years. You can also visit Volpaia Castle, which is only 10 minutes away by car, a tourist village where wine tasting reigns supreme.
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